Everybody Wants to be A DJ

“Hey Arthur! You are growing quickly! What would like to be when you grow up?”
“An astronaut. Or maybe a D.J.,” he replied.

Everybody wants to be a D.J. I just want to be a drummer.

Alas! Nobody on social media got my joke. If you listen to tech music, which I admittedly don’t listen to anymore, there’s a song called “I just want to be a drummer” and they lyrics are basically like this:

These days everybody wants to be a DJ
Let me just tell you who
My Mother wants to be a DJ
My Father wants to be a DJ
My Sister wants to be a DJ
My Aunt wants to be a DJ
My Cousin wants to be a DJ
My best friend wants to be a DJ
My Girlfriend wants to be a DJ
My cat wants to be a DJ
My goldfish wants to be a DJ
My Neighbor wants to be a DJ
The Postman wants to be a DJ
The Teacher wants to be a DJ

I just wanna be a drummer

And it goes on to list others like the priest, the stars, the sun, and at the end, a naughty part of the anatomy also wants to be a DJ. It’s just a silly song I’d listen to while on the bike trainer. Tech music lyrics can be hilarious.

Meanwhile, there are dozens of Katydids all around my osteospermum (African Daisy plants). I thought katydids were carnivores exclusively but they do eat leaves and petals of plants, especially when young. I do like these guys so much that I’m gonna let it go and let them do they must until they are bigger. I did also noticed 2 cucumber beetles on the plants and I think they are much more destructive than these guys. I will be spraying beneficial nematodes to get at those damn beetles soon but i want to wait until the katydids grow up a bit. I know, what you’re thinking and it’s true. I don’t get out much.

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  1. Your photos are just so amazing!!! We love looking at them although Misty might like to nibble on those insects:)

    Woos – Lightning and Misty

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