Peek A Boo!

Hey Chester, don’t chya think your shack is cramping your style? What will the ladies think when you take them back here? Sure, it’s got style. It’s got comfort. It’s got class. But what it doesn’t have, is a decent place to shag. And we all know how much katydids like to shag—multiple times per night. It’s time to think about upgrading your shanty to a bungalow or chalet especially if you’re planning a big family. Or even if you’re planning a lot of girlfriends. ‘Cuz dude, your good looks are only going to get you so far.

One Reply to “Peek A Boo!”

  1. hello chester its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow yoo must drink a lot of red bull or sumthing!!! yoo mite want to wurk on those crazy eyes a littel maybe yoo cud git a bit more akshun if yoo put on a pair of shayds i am just saying!!! ok bye

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