Clawing My Way Back to Normal

So this happened yesterday. I’m just as shocked as you all. I’m still being held together by “scotch tape” as I like to refer it. Last week, “something happened” (I’ll spare you the details) that gave my doctors a huge clue as to why I’m not eradicating Babesia and getting better after treating it aggressively. The good news is that Lyme is very much dormant or in remission. I still have tons of vascular problems (POTS/dizzy spells, severe headaches, breathing problems) that alternative therapies (yes, alternative, as in what standard medicine calls “quack”) are helping to control the side effects of the meds and allow me to be a half-normal person. 

It’s been 3 years, but I got out on the bike for a little spin in the ‘hood and I have to say, had a big smile on my face as I rolled down a few rollers in my drops, knees tucked and elbows relaxed. Felt free. Came home with a headache but it was worth it. Next week I begin yet another round of 5 different meds taken in succession for 30 days to address the issue we discovered.

I have no idea if I’ll be able to stay active or be a normal person this month, but it sure was nice to feel almost normal for a day! I’ll take it.  Lyme don’t kill my vibe. And Babesia? It’s going to be my bitch.

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  1. Yay for energizing bike rides in the mountain. Love the view.
    Wishing you a good results on your new regimen.

  2. This has to mean the “up times” are progressing – first time in three years is wonderful!

  3. So wonderful to see that beautiful smile – we are thrilled you had a chance to do something you love. As we have said so many times, we admire your courage and strength and determination. You are amazing!!!

  4. I stumbled on your site when looking for help with my brain fog. I don’t have a LLMD in my area. I live in the upstate of SC. I have had Lyme for maybe 10 years but for sure 8. I am now a vegan and gluten free just to give my body as much real food energy as possible. I feel like I have made some progress in a short time. However the brain fog is what kills me. It has robbed me of employment in the past and my current job works out pretty good but I am definitely underemployed.
    I need to figure out a next step and so I am throwing this message in a bottle out there and praying someone will pick it up! I used to bike and hike and kayak and backpack. I was fit enough but now I am pretty worthless with fatigue but worst is the problem with weird blurring of my right eye, achy foggy head, need to nap, swollen or knobby spots at back of lower skull and more.
    My brother also has Lyme and was instrumental in figuring out that I had it. He told me to take Stevia in liquid form and sent a picture of what he specifically takes. I believe it has helped me with some of my other symptoms so if anyone has not tried that yet I highly recommend looking into it. There is some research done on this. I wish I still had that link available.
    My Lyme started when I lived in Wisconsin.
    i love your website. It is encouraging for me to see your fight!

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