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Trail Flirting

That's not who woo think it is.

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The Path to Friendship Begins with a Walk

I meet the nicest people, and sometimes my closest friends, when I'm walking or hiking with the dogs. From the start, you've already got something in common: sharing a passion for the great outdoors with canine companions.

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Secret Garden

There's a new hike the dogs and I have been making weekly. It's a two-hour, 5-mile round-trip from our house that runs along the trout trail (a forest hike by the river "Sentir des Truites"). It includes a feast of various adventures, such as private farms and foot-traffic-only roads, underground tunnels, the ex-Nudist beach on Lake Léman, a […]

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To Leash or Not To Leash?

Mr. Wild Dingo and I paid a visit to the Foundation de l'Hermitage last weekend. It's a 19th century estate with a small art collection of 800 or so paintings, mostly impressionists. There were a few Degas and some Picasso and a whole bunch of artists I have never heard of.

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Exercising Balance

My whole life, balance has been a recurring theme. And in dog handling, it's no different. Green grass and rolling hills. Tons of places for dogs to safely run.  It's what I envisioned when Mr. Wild Dingo proposed moving to Switzerland.

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A Post About Nothing

As long time readers know, this fall, I introduced the cracker and the criminal to farm animals. The Swiss love to move their animals around  to different locations for grazing so it's always a surprise to come across a herd of goats and donkeys or bulls in a place that's always been empty. "Princess, LOOK […]

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Holiday Spirit

  I'm not much of a holiday person. In fact, it wouldn't be a stretch to call me Scrooge or Grinch on the holidays. I roll my eyes every time I see ridiculously overly decorated homes. I don't put up a tree, but I'll decorate the house a bit with lights, holiday colors and candles. […]

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Searching for NitWit En Suisse

We've been missing NitWit Bridge. Remember, our trippy trappy 90-foot long suspension bridge over a 40 foot drop to a river that we installed but did not engineer? (In other words, if we fell, it would be our own fault.) We would cross it every day and sometimes we even proofed our down-during-a-recall on it! Oh those were […]

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Exploring the Farms

  The variety of walking trails straight from our home is extraordinary. The terrain ranges from wide open farm lands to forest trails and from quaint villages to modern suburbs and bustling towns along Lake Leman (Lake Geneva).    Juno is in Husky heaven. We get a lot of stares both on the farm and in towns. Most […]

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Sentier et Sentir

Internet, did you notice my big faux-pas in June's post on the Secret Garden?   My walking pal Sylvie (a smarty pants English teacher for French-speaking Swiss) pointed it out to me and I didn't bother correcting it. Instead, I thought I'd defend myself. In the post, I hastily wrote the name of the trail that I walk as "Sentir des Truites," […]

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