Writing & WordPress Services

Writing & WordPress Services

Need a Writer?

I have just the words for you!

You know what they say, “The pen is mightier than the sword.” Words can inspire great ideas, fight for social change or shape destinies. They can lift people up or tear them down. Even one kind word can change someone’s day. It doesn’t matter if it’s a heartbreaking memoir a marketing brochure,  when you raise the quality of your word choice, you create a lasting impact with your audience.
I Have Just the Words for You!
Crumpled Paper: Cure Writer's Block or Bust

Cure Writer's Block

Yes, it's true. Writer's block is a real disorder! For some, writing can feel like falling into an abyss. Hours pass as the pulsing cursor mocks them. Don't worry; I can save you from this disastrous affliction. Perhaps you know what you want to say, but you don't have quite the right words. A juicy drama or a leap into fantasy may be just what the wordsmith ordered. As an outside writer, I bring fresh eyes to your story that can spark new ideas holding your audience’s attention.

Need a WordPress Website?

For busy business owners, web development can be a colossal chore. It takes time to organize information and a substantial effort to craft a well-organized website design with a clever message that customers will remember. That's time and effort better spent on your core business needs. I provide detailed communication strategies, site architecture, design, copywriting, and WordPress development for your web presence so you can spend time where it matters most—on your business.


Even in the digital age, your print materials matter. Each piece of collateral should complement your brand while differentiating itself among your product or service line. How do your print materials stack up?
People talk, but your website is the one place where you control the narrative. On the Internet, you can be a part of the larger conversation while marching to the beat of your own drum. What does your website say about you?
Too busy to be social? Let me handle it for you! From tweets to Instagram posts, resumes to dating profiles and sympathies to thank-you notes, I'll write from your voice. Nobody will be the wiser. Seriously, your privacy is sacrosanct.
It's simple. Really. The more places your name is, the more exposure you get. An editorial can get you noticed and your name into new markets. I'm a quick study and can write your op-eds so you can spend time on, well, your expertise.
Do ghosts write? Of course, they do—with disappearing ink! Ba-dump-pah! I can't help my own corny sense of humor but when I'm writing for you, it will be as if you spoke it. Nobody will be the wiser.
Good stories connect us. When you make an emotional connection, you make a lasting one. Do you have a product that solves a problem? A case study will illustrate its value. Are you a business owner with a colorful personal life? Your biography or a captivating memoir will put a face on your business. So, what's your story?
It's a writer's dirty secret. We love telling others what to do. But a poorly written guide will hamper any hope of a returning customer. Clearly written guides ease the burden of customer service calls while leaving a shining opinion on your business. I can take this chore off your plate.
A picture is worth a thousand words. If I had a nickel for those words, well, I wouldn't exactly be rich, but my story and websites would be! I can find the perfect photo, shoot your product, or design a composite image to drive your story home.
I've been using WordPress since 2006 and know more about the platform than I care to admit to my non-nerdy friends. I know what a challenge it can be to learn how to use WordPress if you're new or not a tech-geek. After planning and designing stages or your site, I can develop your WordPress site from start to launch. I also offer maintenance packages or training in WordPress so you can add content and make many changes on your own.
Websites are more than coding. They often involve global communication strategies. From start to development, my web services include strategic plans, site architecture, copywriting and graphic design. I lay the groundwork and prepare the digital files for a developer of your choice to code it and launch it live. If you don't have a developer, I can recommend one from my network.
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WordPress Consulting

Did you know that 30% of the web runs on WordPress? I've been a die-hard WordPress user since 2006. WordPress has quite literally taken what the printing press had done for free speech and made it even freer. Gone are the days of begging publishing houses for a book deal or media companies for a by-line. Your knowledge, your experience, and your writing can be read around the world in minutes. Global free speech. That's something any writer can get behind. Today, Fortune 500 companies around the world use WordPress as a Content Management Solution (CMS) for robust, integrated websites that include shopping carts, event planning, storytelling, online magazines, membership sites, community forums and more. I can help you start up a WordPress website as a blog or leverage its power as a Content Management Solution for almost anything you need. If you already run a WordPress site, as a value-added service, I can flow in your copy and media content, right into your WordPress site, without you needing to hit a keystroke. I also provide WordPress consulting services to help you get the most out of its powerful platform.
Help Me with WordPress!


Oxygen – A Complete Design Plugin for Creative Professionals

Have you ever cringed whenever it was time to make a design change to your WordPress website? I have. The blood, sweat, and tears that come with modifying a WordPress theme are real. Pre-designed themes, no matter how you slice them, are limiting to anyone who isn’t a code-guru.  It’s a challenge to find a […]

Lyme Times

Here is a short article I wrote while battling Lyme Disease for Lyme Disease.org. Click to read the full article.  

Wild Distractions

I wrote, edited, produced and published this book while I was treating Lyme Disease. All the photography is my original work.

The Whole Pet Vet

The Whole Pet Vet was a new business start up. As a consultant, I provided the branding, logo design business collateral web site design and the initial web content. 

Chiropractic First

As a consultant, I produced a variety of materials for Chiropractic First, including a new logo, business collateral, a brochure, a biography and a web site.

Success Factors Marketing Materials

As full-time Communications Manager at Success Factors, I was responsible for all print and online marketing materials. Here are some brochures and datasheets I produced.

Success Factors Case Studies & Public Relations

As a full-time Communications Manager at Success Factors, part of my job included public relations. Here are some case studies and published press I produced while employed there.

Various Projects

Some of my favorite projects are short and sweet. Here are a collection of smaller pieces produced either as a full-time employee or as a consultant.

Right Order

As a consultant, I provided a variety of marketing materials such as communication strategy, datasheets and website design and development.


Some of my best years were spent working at Etak, a Sony subsidiary. These pieces may be older, but they hold a special meaning to me.

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I ask questions. You provide the answers. Easy-peasy. Swiss-cheesy.


I provide you an estimate of costs, deliverable items and timeline. Everything is negotiable. A signed estimate begins the next step.


I put together a detailed plan: the who, what, when, where, how and why. You review and approve.

Draft Reviews 

I provide 1-3 drafts for review with due dates and reminders.


I deliver your final project in an agreed-upon format. All you have to do is celebrate!
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