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Mastheads 2009

Mastheads 2009

January 2, 2010
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In 2009 I committed to changing my masthead every month because I always grew so weary with my site design. What I was really bored with was the concept, not so much the colors or layout. So I decided to switch out my masthead monthly so it would feel fresh each month. Turns out, it was a great idea. What I didn't expect was to feel such sadness at the end of each month when it was time for a change. But as I embarked on each new design, I began to fall in love with the new ideas and had a blast developing them.

Each masthead holds a glimpse into the challenges and growth that Loki & Juno faced over the last year. Each time I think I can choose one which is my favorite, I change my mind and choose another. Because they all mean so much to the challenges they've overcome in one simple artistic statement.

Which masthead is your favorite and why? Click on the image to see it larger or the link to read the story behind the concepts.


09-Jan-Building Web Sites One Nap at a Time (for the story)


09-Feb-All's Fair in Love & Tug-of-War (for the story)


09-March- Please Leash Your Alligator ( A great story behind this one!)


09-April- In the Dog Yard No One Can Hear You Scream (Another great story with fun images and captions.)

header-09-May Born to Be Wild

09-May-Born to Be Wild! (for the story)


09-June- Don't Fence Me In (for the story)


09-July- Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Hot Dogs (for the story)


09-August- Miles Away from the Behaved (for the story)


09-September- Engineered for NitWits (A great story with photos of the famous NitWit Bridge)


09-October- Rhymes with "Boo" (for the story)


09-November- The Other White Meat (for the story)


09-December- Dingo Bells! (for the story)


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14 comments on “Mastheads 2009”

  1. Hmmm we vote for Oct 09 Rhymes with Boo - love howling wolves! and in a close second- July Life liberty and pursuit of hot dogs! Duh you have hot dogs in it.

  2. Those are great! I like the Halloween one as well, but my favorite is the Thanksgiving one.

    I had fun with Dennis's masthead this year too. At the moment it's back to normal though.

  3. Hi Julie. It's difficult choosing because you do such a good job with them all. My gut tells me October; I think because of the "feel", the composition, and the cohesiveness brought by the well blended muted color tones, as well as the positioning of the dogs. My other favorite is July for similar reasons. July's masthead makes the viewer feel the carefree joy of the summer celebration.
    They're all great.

  4. Wow that's hard!!!! My husband's favorites are the Halloween and the Thanksgiving ones. My favorites are the Alian vs. Husky and the nap one and the fenced in one. Yeesh I can't choose. I haven't read the stories yet because I'm late for work, but I will later I promise.

  5. I think the August one is pretty good, but they are all fantastic. Thanks for posting them all again because we didn't start reading your blog until later in the year, so we missed a lot of them!

  6. May, because my car is that exact same shade of orange as well, and also August, to remind me of The Summer When It Would have Been Lovely To Drink Corona Outside But We Couldn't Because It Was So E**ing Cold, at least in our neck of the woods!
    If you were hoping/expecting an in-depth analysis of themes (profound) artistry (deep) and execution (flawless), so very sorry...We are, indeed, that shallow 🙂

  7. I like January and August! January is so cute and August because who doesn't love two dogs sitting on the beach with Coronas! 🙂


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