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When Being Strong is the Only Choice

When Being Strong is the Only Choice

March 22, 2015
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025/365 - Walkies were on hold for a week while I recovered. No retributions were made in the form of chewed shoes or books. At least I had that going for me, which was nice.

It's been a challenging week for me and the dogs. Between being stuck at home resting and going to multiple doctor appointments, there were no walkies. They took it with grace and didn't complain much. I think they know more than we imagine they do. It breaks my heart to deny them their daily walk and fun.


028/365 - Travelmarx is one cool hepcat who can dish out the best butt-scritches!

One of the TravelMarx was in town and came for a visit. I punished him by making him pick up my prescription at Walgreens. Something very bad is happening at my local Walgreens. There is no longer a way to re-order perscriptions over the phone, as the automatic service puts you on hold for 45 minutes then inevitably hangs up on you---every single time. You can try to order online but it's not always guaranteed they will follow through with the order. Usually the only way to find out about your prescriptions is to stand in a long waiting line and ask if it's ready. Fifty percent of the time, it is not. Then they make you wait in a second line and tell you they will call you when whatever it is they have to do to get the presciption ready is finished and that it will only take 15 minutes. Sixty minutes later, I usually graciously go to the front of the line (telling the person waiting that I had been waiting long before him) and ask if they every finished my script. If it's ready, its in a bin and they just never called me, or they never did the task they were supposed to do to get it ready. Hundreds of customers each day are frustrated. I'm on the verge of switching pharmacies but had one more script. My poor brother waited for 90 minutes and came to my house empty handed.


027/365 - No Trespassing? Nooooo Problem!

I never had this problem with Walgreens. About 6 months ago, service slowly slipped and the automated phone system completely failed. I waited patiently for them to get their shit together but nothing was repaired and their in store service continued to be appalling.  Dear Walgreens: you are fired.


024/365 - "You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice." - Bob Marley

Leave it to Bob Marley to make me feel better about the daily shot in my belly for blood thinners. I won't lie, it's painful, but I'm actually getting used to it and getting better at not bruising myself so badly.  You'd be surprised at what you will put yourself through when the going gets tough.

While Mr. Wild Dingo was traveling this week, I leaned on neighbors and visitors to bring me supplies or drive me places. I really hate asking, as would any normal person, but I knew it was the right thing to do.   I'm so thankful to everyone who've helped me out! This week I will be in much more functional space and able to operate business as usual.

Happy Spring dear readers!

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3 comments on “When Being Strong is the Only Choice”

  1. Walgreens is like so many other chain businesses in which there is No Accountability! Despite this, CVS pharmacy does a good job (not sure they are nationwide though).

    Wishing your illness would hit bottom so you can continue the climb back up to healthy.

  2. I used to have problems with Walgreens too. Now I'm using Freds and it's not too bad. Pharmacies just suck in general lol. I'm sorry you're having problems with them. I'm glad you've gotten better at the shots. That can't be any fun. I hope you feel much better this week!

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