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But I Get Up Again

But I Get Up Again

April 21, 2015
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Busy bee working in an Empress Tree. I'm totally diggin' his office. - 055/365 -  The tree is commonly seen as invasive because it’s fast growing, can survive wildfire and is not fussy about soil type. Its lightweight seeds were commonly used as packing material by Chinese porcelain exporters in the 19th century. Packing would leak and scatter the seeds along rail tracks. This, combined with planting the tree for ornament, has contributed to its view as invasive.

I'm 58 photos into my daily project and I'm still going. It's a bit hard to believe given that I still have days like yesterday where I spent all of day on the sofa. The first day of my weekly infusions always hits me hard. 


Sunday morning hike over Nitwit Bridge with the best hiking partners. - 056/365

This is the thing Internet readers: all I did yesterday was get up, walk about 500 feet to redwood grove behind the house with the dogs, eat something, take my pills, then drive an hour away to my doctor's office to get my IV catheter placed and first weekly infusion. On the way home, the herx headache hit so hard, I could barely drive. I managed to pick up my IV drugs at the pharmacy but skipped all the rest of my errands. When I came home, there were two wigglie dogs hoping to get a walk. No such luck. The contractors working on our terrace were still here and I was way too tired to even monitor them outside with the contractors here. They have a dog yard for potty but it was all I could do to put my supplies away, get in my PJs and crash the rest of the day.


Good Morning Monday! This Bud's for you! - 057/365

The good news is, Mr. Wild Dingo caved (it wasn't hard), and a new macro lens is on its way here.


Happy Sibe Pose: aka: "Please hurry up your yoga meditations so you can take me on walkies NOW." - 058/365

And, I'm still on the mat, though it can be fairly excruciating on some days. Between a photo project, a writing project outside of this blog, a regular yoga practice, and of course the dogs, I'm managing to make my life more well-rounded and not just about being ill. Lyme may knock me down every now and then, but I get up again. And that's the point.

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2 comments on “But I Get Up Again”

  1. You and KB - our heroes - never giving up, always keeping on, always hopeful, so very strong. All our best.

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