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Even Educated Mosquito Hawks Do It

Even Educated Mosquito Hawks Do It

June 17, 2015
Posted in: Nature | Reading Time: 1 minute

Mosquito Hawk caught with his pants down - 115/365

I never knew our own Nitwit trail could be such a romantic setting. I came across this Mosquito Hawk on the trail and decided to take his photo. Because of the dark setting, I had no idea he was engaged in a romantic encounter with another mosquito hawk (to the right of the photo) until I saw it on the big screen. The photo has been cropped to protect the privacy of his partner. After the slug sexing shot a few weeks ago, I don’t want to get that reputation of being the forest Peeping Tom.

Happy Hump day readers!

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One comment on “Even Educated Mosquito Hawks Do It”

  1. With all the rain we have had, we hear there will be a lot of that stuff going on around here as we are going to be inundated with mosquitoes!!!

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

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