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Our First Bee Rescue!

Our First Bee Rescue!

July 10, 2015
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Last night at 8 PM, we found this little honey bee, on the terrace, not moving very much, obviously out of juice. She was dying.


I rushed inside to make a bit of sugar water and grabbed the macro lens.


Our first Honey Bee Rescue! 138/365

Mr. Wild Dingo spoon fed her the syrup while I shot her portrait. You can see her tongue in the above photo.


Moments later, she walked off to a dry spot to shake off the sugar water on her feet.


You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a honey bee shake her bottom!


She took a couple of steps toward me and then was airborne!

Save our bees!

For a long time, Mr. Wild Dingo and I didn't know what to do with that extra meadow on our property. Both plants and animals would be way too much work for me as  Lymie. And a vineyard would be too much work as well right now.  We're seriously considering it for bee farming. I think its a great idea for a Lymie with not a lot of energy to spare  but very much wants to have a farm. He's totally jazzed about it. So maybe our landscaping planting plans will be moved up in priority now. Because bees need flowers!

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3 comments on “Our First Bee Rescue!”

  1. We don't think we know anyone who has saved a honeybee before:) Kudos! Flowers, honeybees, and honey - now that sounds like a plan!

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  2. This guy in our area teaches bee keeping classes: http://billsbees.com/ He's also quite the talker, so he'd probably just consult with you on the phone. I've been eating their local honey for years as it helps with allergies. Oh, and congrats on your first rescue!

  3. Good job!! I saved a bee one time too that got trapped on our screened porch. It was such a great moment when she flew away. 🙂 I love the idea of you bee keeping!! We used to keep honey bees when I was a kid. If you want to try out that Lyme cure just drive a lawn mower by the hives.... my dad got attacked one time when he did that. The weird thing is he did it all the time with no problem so I'm wondering if a rock didn't hit a hive or something. I didn't know when I was a kid that they died when they stung... it makes me sad to think of it now. We had a lot of fun with our bees though.

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