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Unfurling Flower of Wellness

Unfurling Flower of Wellness

May 2, 2016
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It's Lyme Disease Awareness Month Peeps! I'll be posting lots of educational and fun posts related to Lyme disease on Social media and a little on this blog.

I thought I'd share an update of my progress along with a macro shot of an unfurling flower frond for those missing my macro photography adventures. I'm proud to say I'm almost completely off antibiotics, just rotating one every few weeks. Last month my doctor offered, "We can keep on killing pathogen for a few more years, maybe 2, or maybe 5, OR, we can stop killing and try to bring the immune system back to do its job." I will take what's behind door #2, Monty. Stop the killing, mount the defense system. I'm so over the damn killing cycle. After all, the killing cycle nearly killed me. Literally. (Remember the blood clot last March? That was fun.)

Here are the staggering numbers that make up my 3-year challenge of treating Lyme disease.

8 Years misdiagnosed
13 Doctors who missed the diagnosis
38 Months of Treatment
27 Diagnoses (Lyme-MSIDS related)
43 Prescription medications
69 Herbs, Enzymes or Supplements
115 Intramuscular Shots in the ass
221 IV Bags of Antibiotics
14 Shots in the belly to treat DVT (due to lyme)
55 IV Glutathione pushes
20 Shots in the thigh for Lymph system
3 Rounds IV IG Immunoglobulin for CVID
120 B-12 shots
4 types of alternative medicine treatments: saunas, salt baths, etc.
60%-70% Recovery

Yup, that's right, I'm not cured. I don't think I'll ever be "cured," but I will be greatly recovered. I still have about 9 months more of intravenous IgG therapy to fix the immune deficiency. Even though I feel much better overall, I wake every single day with mild to severe pain in every inch of my connective tissues and joints. I'm holding onto that 60% recovery by the skin of my teeth with a strict anti-inflammatory, no sugar, Paleo diet just to keep pain levels bearable. Even so, some days I wake up feeling like I drank 2 bottles of wine the night before. Yet, I haven't had more than 2 glasses in the last year. Lyme is so damn unfair. On the upside, I no longer have to do shots in the butt. I have that gong for me, which is nice.  

Like this frond, I'm just gonna keep unfurling my wellness, inch by inch. Lyme disease is going down! 


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2 comments on “Unfurling Flower of Wellness”

  1. All paws crossed here for your immune system to do its job and do it well.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning And Mom

  2. Julie, You are my hero. Juno is Otto's hero cuz she's so bossy, but you're mine. Sending strong immune vibes your way if that's possible.

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