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Sailing Adventures and Belated Anniversary

Sailing Adventures and Belated Anniversary

October 31, 2017
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I'm a little late in posting this but Mr. Wild Dingo and I went sailing with some friends in September and had a fantastic day on the San Francisco Bay!

Our friends Chris and Denise invited us out on his racing boat. The dude races this beauty almost every weekend. He's pretty serious and has several teams he gathers to race on various weekends. What a fun sport! (Oh if I were a zillionaire, I'd have a zillion sports and not enough time to be any good at them!)

The boys ran a tight ship pulling up the main.

Then Chris put me in the cockpit of his beautiful racing boat and lucky for him, I didn't sail it into an iceberg, 'cuz when it comes to grace, I'm a loose cannon.

Is Mr. Wild Dingo having an existential moment?

Nah. His thoughts don't go that deep! Behind every great man, is a woman, taking his photo and teasing him.

I cannot get enough of this man's backside. After all, it's how we met! I followed his backside every weekend for years on long bike rides!

After the cruise, all hands were on deck for cocktails and snacks. (How many sailing puns can I make in one post?) Sailing made me fall  in love with the Bay Area all over again. Loved every minute of it! The best part for me? After a long day on the water and snacks into the evening, I only had a small headache going home. That's a huge milestone for me as sunlight and ocean brightness can trigger Babesia-Lyme-graines within 20 minutes. I'm pretty happy with my progress back to health this year!

Last Friday (October 27)  was our 16th Anniversary.  I'm not big into gifts and pomp and he knows that. So for our Anniversary, he 86'd his cocktail hour with friends to take me shopping. I desperately needed new clothes and shoes and he insisted on being my bag boy and girlfriend for the day. I mean seriously, marriage doesn't get better than that. Happy (belated) 16th Anniversary to my soul mate!

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4 comments on “Sailing Adventures and Belated Anniversary”

  1. Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. WD!!! We are so happy to hear that your health is doing better - keep it up!!!
    Happy Howloween Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber and Mom

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