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CH is for CHaussures

Look what came in the post today: "Hm. More Roman History books. I wonder if they taste better than the other Italian book I had for dinner last week?" Ah! A few necessities arrived from the States. More Roman books for Mr. Wild Dingo, a few American/English-speaking movie DVDs and ...

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La Nuit des Epouvantails

A few weeks ago, Morges celebrated its annual fall harvest "La Nuit des Epouvantails." Prior to the event, I photographed a few of the "epovantails" (scarecrows) in Denens on one of my bike rides. Denens is two-villages away from our home and occasionally the dogs and I walk that way, but I always ride by it on […]

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A Room with a View

  I still can't get over the spectacular views we have from our home. We set up our office in the best part of the house, on the second floor, overlooking Lake Leman. Ok, it will always be Lake Geneva to me, but when in Rome, or I guess when in Morges ... "Hey Pop! […]

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Daily Serving

When I come up for air from the bottom of all the Ikea boxes invading our home, I'll manage to post some more of the gorgeous sites we've explored around the surrounding towns. For now I hope these hold you over. So far, Loki and Juno have only explored Switzerland on foot in a 1-hour radius […]

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"Qu'est Ce Qu'ils Sont Beau"

  I get that said to me a lot on our walks. At least twice daily. "Hey Princess, I think that nice French lady just said we were beautiful!" "Comment dits-on "duh" en Francais?"

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