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Really, It's O.K. to be Cliché

Sometimes I don't pick the flowers on my black night basil plant just so I can be the cliché macro photographer. Oh and the bees tend to like them too. Oh yes I did shoot a water droplet! But it was after watering the garden, not on purpose so it's o.k., to be cliché. Who am I kidding? I've got cliche all over […]

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What Kind of Gardener Am I?

I tried vegetable gardening this year. Aside from my tomato plants and most of my herbs, it was less than stellar. All my lettuce bolted. My cucumbers were pathetic. None of my squash fruited. I mean, I have to be a complete doofus not to produce a single zucchini, right? So I ripped it all […]

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Ready for Winter

This is how we winterize. Seriously. All this wood harvested from junk trees on our property. Winter is not a season, it's an occupation.

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