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Everybody has a story to tell, but few have the time to write an inspiring one. Stories connect us. Good stories captivate us. Powerful stories change lives. Yet, it’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it that sparks that connection. When you raise the quality of your words, you create that lasting impression. Good stories reflect not just your ideas, but your voice too. Let me help you find your voice to tell your story with pizzazz!

I Write About Lyme Disease. Here's Why.

Eight years, twenty-five doctors, no diagnosis. Five infections, missed. One immune system, shattered. Forty medications and heaps of  strange herbs and supplements, consumed daily. Five years of daily needles and IV therapy. Eight alternative therapies. One depleted retirement plan. Thirteen years of watching life go on without me. This is Lyme Disease. This is my journey to recovery. This is my story of hope.

I Wrote a Book!

To distract myself from the difficulty of treating chronic Lyme disease, I picked up the camera and committed to a 365-photography project: one photo per day, posted on social media. Those with Lyme disease know just how difficult it is to stay connected to people and the world around them. Photographing tiny bits of nature just outside my door demonstrated the value of every living being in the world, no matter its size.  The project became a book, "Wild Distractions." In colorful short stories that complement striking photography, I draw many parallels between human and animal behavior with humorous themes of anthropomorphism.

Wild Distractions, Cover

Daily Distractions

Blogging since 2002

Surely you won't surprised that a writer keeps a blog. Here you'll find an unpolished collection of personal stories, educational pieces and one-line zingers. Like all writers, I have a fierce curiosity about all things--from humorous stories about two high-energy dogs to serious, but uplifting, essays on my challenges with Lyme disease.  This blog has been a reflection of my real voice and a sandbox for my creativity for over 18 years.  It's filled with sentence fragments, intentional misspellings or sometimes just plain typos. For my professional pieces, look through my portfolio to see a range of writing.

I Can Break Anything if I Set My Mind to It

Notice anything, readers? Ah! I couldn't pull the wool over your eyes. Wild Dingo had little face-lift. I spent a long time getting up close with the inner working of my WordPress website this year. If you know even a little about WordPress, you can understand how giving your site a face lift after 8 […]

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Happy Anniversary to my husband and best friend. Seventeen years together. Ten of those years chronically sick. Five of them an expensive roller coaster ride. Thank dog we were both emotionally and financially fit before it all began. Even in my recovery, he continues to help me learn how to be a normal person again. […]

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Back to Forward

Once upon a time, there was a boy who married a girl who worked for herself. This was an attractive feature to the boy as he was a bit older than girl. It meant that he could potentially retire early on her income. It was a good plan. Even the girl thought so because she […]

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Why I Left Social Media

I've been internet-quiet these days. Since I "woke up" from the Lyme-induced fugue state I've been in for 5 years, I caught up with the news to discover Facebook not only contributed to the election chaos in our own country, but in 2 other countries as well, causing a rise of hatred and violence through […]

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Happy Juicy-versary

Hello readers! I know. I know. Woo think I would furgit my favorite criminal's anniversary? Pshaw! Nefur! We had a lovely anniversary celebration at one of Juicy's favorite training locations when she was a wee puppy, the beach. It was lovely reminiscing all the times she took off from a down stay with the cracker […]

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