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Dingo Bells

Dingo Bells

December 2, 2009
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Hmmm. What's wrong with this banner? Something seems a bit, oh I don't know, unusual! Like, isn't the husky supposed to pull the sleigh, not sit in it? December's banner celebrates Juno's ability to make everyone, including Loki, giggle with delight and bend to her will using only her Siberian charm. Over the past year, Juno has managed to metamorphasize from a sullen, depressed, shy dog into an assertive, confident, oh-so-very-happy leader. And she did it all with sugar. Because she knows it's better to lead with charm and love than to lead with brute force. Loki happily gives her status, though he likes to test the waters, just in case there's room at the top.

There's more to Juno's story on her sleigh ride, but that will come in some later posts. For now, we'll celebrate her rise to alpha.


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17 comments on “Dingo Bells”

  1. To lead with SUGAR is a wonderful lesson! Nice going, Queen Sugar, aka Juno. I can tell that Loki has learned his lessons, well.
    Empress Sugar

  2. We all know what just a spoonful of sugar khan do!

    Dingo Bells
    Rudolph smells
    Khomet laid an egg

    Let's hear it fur Juno and Loki's pawsome hoomans too!

    PeeEssWoo: P-a-N-t-Y-l-L-o-O-n-S!

  3. Way to go, Juno! That whole "Sibes have to pull the sled" thing is so cliche! Besides, I've seen pix of our Siberian great-sisters riding in a horse-drawn carriage in Belgium. Ha roo!
    Tail wags

  4. Lead with charm, huh? I thought I could stay in charge just by being the big dog, but PeeWee is taking over. Momma says that is good because he has an actual brain in his head as opposed to mine which apparently has a black hole in it.



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