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Luxury Enablers

Luxury Enablers

February 27, 2012
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For fun, Mr. Wild Dingo and I read our "compatibility horoscope" while in Crete.  The 14-page document basically summed up that we both liked to do everything in excess. In other words, we're luxury enablers.

I don't like trip planning.  The thought of coordinating places to stay, restaurants, flights and timing makes me want to run for my bedroom, pull the covers over my head and declare it a vacation. Though I managed to figure out a system making each trip easier to plan, the hardest part for me is choosing a hotel. When I was younger (pre-Mr. Wild Dingo), I had a limited budget so my hotel criteria was simple: safe and clean. Oh, how fast things change when you marry into spoiled-princessdom.

Criteria slowly shifted to requiring hair dryers and buffet breakfasts to in-room Wi-Fi,  grand views, historic significance and spa services. Still, when choosing a hotel, Mr. Wild Dingo gives me a budget and I stick to it. I manage to find some really luxurious places, like Casa Delfino in Crete that come in on a reasonable price for us. But I end up booking the least expensive rooms in order to stay on that budget.

A six generation family owned hotel, the Casa Delfino was renovated after the 2nd World War German occupation. The hotel beautifully integrates modern design with Venetian antiquity and marble throughout.

The  small 24-room establishment felt very much felt like staying with family. And like good Greeks, they were always prepared to feed us.  This romantic story tells the history the hotel founders. We absolutely loved staying here. The family goes to great lengths to make you feel at home.

One reason why we are getting so picky about hotel choice is because we really luxuriate our time on our vacations. Unlike many travelers, we don't hit the road for 10 hours a day. Instead we get up late, eat breakfast in the room, and take our time before heading out around 11 a.m. We'll go out to see one or two sites, take in a late lunch and  return late afternoon for a nap before heading out for dinner.

Since we actually spend more time than the average traveler in the hotel, we place a greater emphasis on its charm, comfort and beauty. After all, it's our vacation.

The last three times I showed Mr. Wild Dingo the trip itinerary, he not only approved the hotel, but he upgraded the room! This time was no different.

Astrology is never wrong.

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6 comments on “Luxury Enablers”

  1. Wow, you mean you actually vacation when you go on vacation?!? 😉 Actually, when we used to travel, we're like you - we don't spent 12 hours a day killing ourselves to see the sights - Gary's body isn't up for that, and I like to actually relax on a vacation. So when I win the lottery, I'm totally going to be a luxury enabler! 😉

    -Dr. Liz

  2. What a beautiful place! We don't rush to get out of the room when we take a trip, either, unless we're in the driving there phase. I don't get to be as picky about hotel rooms though!

  3. Mama always says it doesn't cost any more to go first class; you just can't stay as long. The bathroom alone would be worth the cost of the room.

    Jed & Abby

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