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Just a Hop, Skip and a Jump

Just a Hop, Skip and a Jump

April 21, 2012
Posted in: Totally Random | Reading Time: 1 minute

Can you believe I have to take a 40-minute plane ride just to get a decent pizza? At least the view never gets old.

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4 comments on “Just a Hop, Skip and a Jump”

  1. Only 40 minutes? Oh. Italy. Nevermind. Duh. But ditto what the Mango Momma says - for all of that old world culture you are surrounded by, you'd think a person could get a pizza without having to cross national borders. Now that I think about it, maybe THAT'S why the Germans invaded Italy.... 😉

    -Dr. Liz, who really needs to get to goofy dogs ready for doggie class

  2. Is it sacrilege to keep frozen pizza crusts next to the frozen doggie vittles, whip it out in an emergency and throw some tomato sauce and assorted toppings on top and stick it in your oven? Might not be as good as the pizza in Italy but, counting the air fare, it's got to be a lot cheaper.

    Jed & Abby

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