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Pushy Broad

Pushy Broad

April 24, 2012
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"Um, Princess, you're sitting on my foot."

Four years ago, he was the house bully. Yet, it took only two nights, with only positive efforts, to teach him not to bully her for her dinner. It was such a powerful lesson, that each night after that, he would finish his dinner and seek me out searching for his praise for doing the right thing by leaving her to her own bowl.

How the tables have turned. They each still eat peacefully side by side. Until Second Dinner--those two or three bites left in our plates--is served. Now, she finishes first, then invites herself over to his plate to nibble along with him. And he allows it. Part of me wants to laugh at all this knowing how bullish he once was.

"Girls rule and boys drool. Let that be your lesson today."

But I know I'll need to teach her that same lesson of respect. Some day.

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5 comments on “Pushy Broad”

  1. We agree with the Mango - crackery loves limits and boundaries, they just don't know it!! Absolutely amazing photographs. Too bad you live in such a disgusting place...

  2. Proof that when it comes down to it, even the King of Crackers can't compete with Sibe Power. I love their facial expressions, BTW. Poor cracker dog - he looks crackery even when he's just sitting there... 😉

    -Dr. Liz, who should probably get back to work...

  3. Luvin Dr. LIz's comment! Those are beawrootiful photos, Juno looks absolutely regal! The boy still looks, well, a bit crackery.... but in a handsome kind of way.

    We eat side by side too. We used to jump all over mom and knock the bowls out of her hands & our food would go flying in all directions, but Dad set his foot down & we have so SIT quietly before the bowls hit the floor. Whatever works. (Just don't furget to feed us!)

    jack & moo

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