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July 24, 2012
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It's only July and yet it's harvest time. Am I the only one fascinated with the neat round hay bales? I'm always shooting them. As soon as I get home, I download the memory card, excited and believing that I've finally found a way to make them look interesting on camera. Sadly, those hopes are always squashed.

This is on a walk in back of Chateau Vufflens. If you remember, the chateau is enormous so we're up pretty high to only see the cap of the Chateau.

Juno's always shopping for something delicious to snack on.

I had a riveting video planned of the dogs and I watching this bale stacking process, but my computer locked up.  How sad for you all. But trust me. These stimulating photos are all you need to truly capture the moment.

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One comment on “Hayverst”

  1. I am fascinated by the bale grabber gizmo the fellow is using in the last frame. The Farmer has a bale stabber he uses to relocate bales from Point A to Point B. I always thought that would be a great way to decompress after a day at the office . . . take THAT and THAT! But he won't let me play with his toys. I have no idea why.

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