High Rollers

Le Casino, High Rollers in Europe, Morges, Switzerland

“Princess, gambling is a sure way of getting nothing for something.”  
“Big Boy, it’s not gambling when you never lose!”

We’ve had a strange week and lady luck has not been on our side.  The criminal tried to have herself a solo adventure (thankfully the cracker stuck to her like glue) and the cracker had his own, um,  indiscretion.  So now all bets are off. It’s time to double down and go for broke: an upgrade in training and technology. Then hedge my bet that neither will ever happen again.

Forest Friend

Often on our  forest walks in Lully and Morges, we would meet this lone gentleman soaking his feet in the river or walking the trails. He was a kind man, who always complimented the dogs. Especially since whenever we saw him from a distance, I’d recall the dogs so they wouldn’t bother him. Only, he enjoyed interacting with them, saying “salut,” giving them a pet and remarking on how well they obeyed. But one day, he fed them a cheese doodle from his lunch sack. Continue reading “Forest Friend”

Once in a Lullaby

We’ve been home in California for a few days now and already back in our usual routine. Oddly, the thing that was the hardest to adapt to in Switzerland, the lack of commercialism on Sunday’s, is the thing that is giving me the biggest reverse culture shock. The car dealer was open late on Saturday night to purchase a car and again on Sunday when I would pick it up. Movers came on Sunday to move our things from storage into the house.  Our landscape contractor visited us on Sunday to discuss what needed to be done in the next week. Large chain stores along with the tiny mom-n-pop corner grocery were open at 8 a.m. All these commercial activities that nobody blinks an eye at on their sacred day off.   The rat race has begun and our old routines have been restarted. Continue reading “Once in a Lullaby”

These Open Doors

By the end of this week, we’ll be living back at our home in California. I’m looking forward to things like the dog door, soft water, reverse osmosis drinking water, Mexican food, Japanese food, clothes shopping, stores open at reasonable hours and my old yoga studio. Not to mention food labels in English and not having to panic every time I need to use the phone to call a handy man.

So why does my heart feel so bad? Continue reading “These Open Doors”


Ever notice if your dog recognizes his kind? Juno always cries when she sees another Northern breed. But Loki surprises me because he’s a mixed breed: Formosan and German Shepherd. Since we don’t meet many Formosan’s in Switzerland (ok none) his tendency is naturally toward German Shepherds. But I’m 100% certain, his favorite breed to mix it up with is the Belgian Shepherd, which we see plenty of in Switzerland. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Malinois or a Tervuren, Loki is typically head over heels for them. We came upon these two on a walk recently, as they were playing in a field with two other dogs.  Though they approached us, they were calm and submissive which helped Loki keep a lid on his crackery with his leash still on. Continue reading “Breedist”