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Whatever it Takes

Whatever it Takes

December 17, 2012
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It isn't easy being Mr. Wild Dingo. Because, I'm not so good with acronyms.  Or names. Or numbers. He's always interpreting Wild Dingo-speak. Whenever I ask for the can of W4, Mr. Wild Dingo always replies "W4, WD40 whatever it takes."

When we moved home, we discovered our old Internet provider had a newer, faster service called N-Max, which provides 6 mbps upload and download speeds. The perfect speed needed to stream movies and TV shows. The provider came out and informed us we'd have to move our antennae from the old location to the roof of our garage so we could access the tower across the mountain range. So we spent a full, rainy Saturday afternoon, stringing RJ45 under our house,  up to the utility box and back down to the garage---all through empty underground conduit piping that we (well, Mr. Wild Dingo) had good sense to install long ago for future needs.

And I confess: I just Googled RJ45 to make sure I had that acronym correct.

It wasn't too bad of a project, except for the pouring rain. And it wouldn't have taken so long, had Mr. Wild Dingo failed to make a tangled mess out of 500 feet of RJ45. Luckily one of us has the patience to untangle that mess.

As we walked the dogs that afternoon, I asked Mr. Wild Dingo, "So all I have to do now is call the Internet guys and ask them to install MI6?"

Mr. Wild Dingo only smiled, "No, they won't install MI6 now. They don't package James Bond with their service yet."

N-Max, MI6; whatever it takes.

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2 comments on “Whatever it Takes”

  1. MI6, oh dear. Must get a grip on your acronyms. Watch out for those streaming movies. It cen get addictive.

    Mango Momma

  2. If you get an internet provider who does package James Bond with your service, please let mama know. It would be worth moving to CA for that level of service. Mama is old enough that she would like to have the original James Bond, please [Sean Connery].

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