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Year: 2013

The Stoic Ice Queen

Well, she's done it again. She zoomied herself into a gnarly injury that won't go away. This time, her shoulders. Over the summer, I  noticed a very subtle "head bob" at the beginning of our walks, but it would vanish within a minute. Each time she over-zoomied, her head bob got worse, but any time […]

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Temptation Waits

"Princess I can resist anything but temptation." "Yield to temptation, Big Boy. It may not pass your way again!"

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If Not Nitwit Then What?

Long time readers will remember Nitwit bridge and trail. We constructed that trail and bridge to make it easy to avoid walking a dangerous country road where people drive much too fast. It's a trail that leads up to another area of our property and out roads that have safe sidewalks for our local hikes […]

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He Wouldn't Hurt a Fly

Poor Loki stood outside the bedroom, hiding behind the door and refusing to go to bed. I invited him in, coddled and scratched his favorite places, but he only stood there, afraid. Something was wrong but for the life of me, I couldn't see the problem. So I brushed my teeth and ignored the situation, […]

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It's Like Beating My Head Against a Fog Wall

It was a warm, fall evening in Santa Cruz as Mr. Wild Dingo and I walked the dogs along the beach.  The usual sunset over the sea's horizon was gone and instead a dense wall of fog rolled in. Though it was windy, it just sat there, motionless, blocking the sun set from above. I just started to […]

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Alone on Ohlone

"Big Boy, today it looks like we're hiking all Ohlone!" "Nonsense, Principessa! We have our chaperon!"

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Better Days

"Princess, why is Mom so darn whiny and slow? She's got a total handicap with those big wheels. Geesh." "Big boy, your guess is as good as mine. She looks totally healthy and fine to me." Lyme Disease is nothing if not deceptive and a complete mind-f*ck.

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The Enemy

Meet Borrelia burgdorferi. Otherwise known as the spirochete bacteria that causes Lyme Disease. It's what has been setting up shop, wreaking havoc and thriving stealthily under the standard diagnostic radar for 8 years in my body. To be honest, Internet, I wasn't going to even mention this because when I first heard "Lyme," I thought it […]

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Go Team Jodhpurs!

Team Jodhpurs (Juno and Mr. Wild Dingo) had a fantastic ride yesterday, dropping Team Cracker (Loki and I) in the dust all the way up to the top of the big climb.

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Passionately Dedicated to the Pursuit of Short Term Goals

It's time to take a page out of my dog's book on living. In my life, I've been disciplined, dedicated and goal-oriented. I've had ambitions and dreams, just like anyone else. For the past few years, I've been struggling a bit with guilt that surrounds my no longer having any dreams. Lately, even my hobbies […]

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