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Temptation Waits

Temptation Waits

December 3, 2013
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Temptation Waits

"Princess I can resist anything but temptation."
"Yield to temptation, Big Boy. It may not pass your way again!"

Leave it to the criminal to be the little devil whispering encouragement into the cracker's ginormous ears.  These two are no strangers to the force of temptation. Threats of Santa Paws skipping our house have no meaning when squirrels are within pouncing distance.

Happy December readers!


Temptation Waits
December 2013

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5 comments on “Temptation Waits”

  1. Threats of Sandy Paws skipping our house if squirrels and rabbits are chased has ZERO impact. In fact, Abby informed me the other day, "Who cares about Sandy Paws? Granny and Grandpa will send us stuff no matter what we do." *sigh*

    -Dr. Liz, whose life is in service to her dogs 😉

  2. Happy December to you too! A squirrel is quite a temptation...

    BTW, I loved your Nitwit Bridge post. I don't have any clever names for your new bridge, except that it would be funny to call it "Nitwit" because that's SO wrong!

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