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The Clearest Way Into the Universe

The Clearest Way Into the Universe

January 3, 2013
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The Clearest Way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness

We've been spending our holiday vacation balancing time between the forest wilderness and the wilderness of unpacked moving boxes and heaps of stuff that needs to be recycled, donated or thrown out. Slowly we're making our way into an organized home. The old me wouldn't do anything else until the house was unpacked and settled in. But the dogs teach me to take things slower and ignore the boxes that aren't urgent and get out to enjoy the outdoors with them. 

We moved to Switzerland with a 20-foot container (with only half of our furniture)  and came home with a 40-foot container.  So there's a lot to sort through and decide on how to fit into the house. Turns out, we're not the only ex-pats this has happened to. It can be daunting and overwhelming. Every room is turning into "Room 2.0," a  re-design or re-function. For example, I now drive a truck so we changed parking spots in the garage. And since where he parks his normal-sized car used to be where I used to park my shorter Mini Cooper, it now poses so many more problems for his workflow, which means the garage gets a mini-function remodel. Internet, if I ever show you his workshop, you'll understand Mr. Wild Dingo's theory on "the economy of motion" and why he must accommodate for a seamless workflow.   Sometimes I look at Mr. Wild Dingo's home project OCD and can barely find the words to articulate it. It's art. But that's another post and  if readers really want it, I'll share it another time.

Juno makes her way through the universe

For now, Mr. Wild Dingo, the home project perfectionist (and I write that with great admiration), has been slowly working his way around each room, patching nail pops, matching wall paint, and repairing small dings that naturally come with aging of a home. While he gives our bedroom closet a remodel (we even switched sides in the closet),  I take it slower and unpack a box or two, then go cook him a gourmet dinner. I make him take some time off to enjoy good food and  play with the dogs in the forest universe.  It keeps us sane.

header-2013-01-Clearest Way Into the Universe

The clearest way into the universe is through the forest wilderness.
~ John Muir
January 2013


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4 comments on “The Clearest Way Into the Universe”

  1. Okay, I absolutely want to see the home project!

    I love the photos out in the woods. It's a shock anytime you move somewhere new, but I think the culture shock of going from one continent to another would be pretty strong. Just finding a place to start seems to help me, but it's so much easier said than done!

  2. Sounds like a lot of internal changes over the past two years are now being accommodated with external changes, now that you're home again. You do have incredible nature walks around you! Glad you've learned to stop and smell the flowers. You'll live longer and enjoy it more. Happy New Year!

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