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March 10, 2015
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015/365 - Lymegraines

Yesterday I had my PICC line placed. They told me no heavy lifting or stress on the arm for a week. So ok: no lifting Juno out of the Xterra, no lifting the crate or big boxes. No push ups or weight lifting. Not that I do either of those now anyway.  I was considering some grocery shopping after the appointment, but didn't feel so well, so I only picked up some supplies at the pharmacy and went home. When I got home, I saw my dressing was soaked in blood. So back to the clinic to have them change the bandage. It seems picking up my purse is considered heavy lifting. Wish they would have defined "heavy lifting."

Six hours out of my day for something that should take two. Naturally, it gave me a Lymegraine so I laid down the rest of the day. They said I could do some light walking, so today I walked the dogs today.  And it bled again. I mean, define light walking. To me, that means going no more than 3.5 miles and doing the easy side of Nitwit trail. Sigh. It's no surprise that my version of taking it easy is different from my medical team's version. These things really need to be spelled out for me. Either that, or someone needs to duct tape me to my sofa.


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