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Borrelia-Killin' Badass

Borrelia-Killin' Badass

May 13, 2015
Posted in: Lyme Disease, Nature | Reading Time: 1 minute

Borrelia-Killin' Badass - 080/365

Just one more of this Borrelia-killin'' badass carrying that huge hunk of pollen. His queen better be all, “Oh baby, you da man! Nobody works it like you. Now come over here and give me a little honey.”

I'm a bit bee-obsessed. I envy their energy and business. Today I have two appointments. It will take me two days just to recover from them.


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One comment on “Borrelia-Killin' Badass”

  1. We will be thinking of you and hoping the recovery goes easier on you this time.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning and Mom

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