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Take a Bite out of Lyme Disease!

Take a Bite out of Lyme Disease!

May 1, 2015
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May is Lyme Disease Awareness month.

As author Amy Tan points out, the greatest harm that borrelia causes is ignorance. I can’t pretend to understand why the CDC and IDSA dig their heels in further on denying the existence of chronic Lyme disease when there is a mountain of evidence-based science to support the fact that it persists in the body despite 30 days of antibiotic treatment. This weekend, a large group of protesters line up in front of the IDSA headquarters in Arlington VA, to protest the IDSA’s treatment guidelines which have left thousands misdiagnosed and untreated. My friends may be sick of me beating a dead horse with my constant posts about Lyme disease, but I assure you, Lyme disease makes you feel worse than a beaten dead horse. The CDC and IDSA’s Lyme disease agendas are nothing short of criminal. People ARE dying from Lyme disease and it doesn’t have to be this way.


May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month! Take a Bite out of Lyme Disease! - 068/465

My cracker-dog Loki misses his mom not being able to play a rousing game of tug or take him for long hikes. So he challenges YOU to Take a Bite out of Lyme disease:

  1. Take a bite out of a lime.
  2. Take a photo or video of your sourpuss (or it didn’t happen) and post it on Social Networks (Twitter, Instagram or FB set to public share). Tag it with #lymediseasechallenge &   #takeabiteoutoflyme
  3. Post a fact with your photo about Lyme disease. Find a fact about Lyme Disease Fact here.
  4. Challenge 3 other people to Take the Bite.
  5. Donate $10 or more to ILADS, the organization of doctors and researchers who’ve for decades have been fighting for their patient’s lives. Go to ILADS website to donate.

NOTE: Limes are toxic to animals. While it’s fun to include them in your challenge, please do not have them eat or partake in biting a lime!


May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month! Take a Bite out of Lyme Disease!  - May 2015


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2 comments on “Take a Bite out of Lyme Disease!”

  1. In the two decades there has been much progress with doctor's acceptance of Lyme's existence, especially in the northeast. If patient doesn't respond quickly to antibiotics or Lyme becomes chronic, a good doctor will pass you along to one that specializes in Lyme. A bad doctor will tell you the one month treatment is up, you are cured (regardless if you're still symptomatic), and send you on your way to deal with the tragic long term results.

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