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The Bite

The Bite

May 22, 2015
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The Bite - 089/365

Loki took a bite out of Lyme, long before it was ever a Lyme Disease Challenge! Here he is biting a toy spirochete. I pity the Spirochete that comes in contact with cracker or his George Clooney-chompers!  

Flashback Friday when Loki first took a bite out of Lyme.

FACT: Transmission of Lyme Disease and other infections can take place in a matter of minutes, particularly if the tick is not removed properly.

Lyme is fatal to dogs as well, so Loki would like to challenge: Loki Barret, Phoneix of Melinda Whichmann and Griffin Reitz to do the Lyme Disease Challenge.

To do the challenge:

  1. Since you are a dog, take a photo of you biting a “lime-like” substitute. Not a real lime, as they can be toxic to a dog.
  2. Post it on Social media set to public share if on Facebook.
  3. Share a fact from Lyme Disease Challenge Facts.
  4. Challenge 3 others to do the challenge.
  5. Donate $10 or more to ILADS to help further research and treatment of Lyme Disease.

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