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The Secret to His Crack-a-Tude

The Secret to His Crack-a-Tude

July 21, 2015
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"You think it's funny seeing a tough guy with a security blanket?"


"Let me tell you something. The mojo? It comes from my ears."


"The courage and the crack-a-tude? That comes from some sweet snuggle time with my own personal blankie."


"Just try to take it from me. You won't think it's so funny anymore."

Ah. My cracker! He would love nothing more than for you to try to take his blankie. He loves a good rousing game of tug with it. The one thing I just love about Loki is his impeccable house manners. He has a clear understanding which blankets or pillows belong to him and will never mistake any of our blankets or pillows for his own, nor destroy anything in the house--unlike somepup! And yes, if I really wanted to, I could take it away. But why would I? I gave it to him and I'm no Indian giver!

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5 comments on “The Secret to His Crack-a-Tude”

  1. And those ears are on high alert for any other invader who might not be as nice as you:)

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

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