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Flower and Foodie

Flower and Foodie

September 12, 2015
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Not much has changed these days. Each day my headaches range from mildly annoying to terrifying migraines.  My energy levels are low to the point I can only do one or two things. Saturday was one of those days. Mr. Wild Dingo was off this week and took over some of my dog walks. But he asked for one of his favorite dinners, sweet and sticky baby back ribs and 'slaw.  How could I say no?  I mean, he takes home the bacon, the least I can do is fry it up in a pan!

Baby Back Ribs in Sweet and Sour Sauce

Baby Back Ribs in Sweet and Sour Sauce

So Saturday I planned to get up, make the ribs then do the dog walk. But all I had in the tank was the dinner prep and barely at that. I had to take a  lot of breaks in between preparing. Mr. Wild Dingo took over the dog walk that day, though it cut into his bike ride and his project to install the baluster railing on the terrace. I basically made the rib sauce and put them in the slow cooker by noon. Then I made the slaw so all I'd have to do was make the dressing and broil the ribs under the broiler for a few minutes to crisp them up before dinner. The rest of the day, I spent on the sofa surfing Netflix.  I made a mountain of ribs and the dogs each got three of their own (minus the bone of course).

Baby Back Ribs in Sweet and Sour Sauce

Sweet and Sticky Baby Ribs is an easy recipe, but a little time-consuming because of the amount of ingredients that the sauce requires.

So Rottrover, you asked and you shall receive! Here are your food photos and a recipe.

Sweet & Sticky Baby Back Ribs (From America's Test Kitchen: Slow Cookers Revolution)

  • 2 TBS vegetable oil
  • 1 Onion chopped fine
  • 1 Red Bell Pepper, stemmed, seeded, chopped fine
  • 3 TBS grated fresh ginger
  • 6 garlic cloves, minced
  • 2 TBS tomato paste
  • 1/4 TSP red pepper flakes
  • 1 Cup Apricot jam or preserves
  • 6 OZ (3/4 cup) frozen pineapple juice concentrate
  • 1/3 cup soy sauce
  • 5 TBS rice vinegar
  • 1/4 Cup packed dark brown sugar
  • 3 sets of (2 lb) baby back ribs on rack (leave skin on because it falls apart when taking them out)
  • salt and pepper
  • 1 TBS corn starch
  • 1 TBS water
  • 2 TBS minced fresh cilantro
  1. Heat oil in 12 inch nonstick skillet (i use cast iron or enamel iron), over medium-high heat until simmering. Add onion, bell pepper, ginger, garlic, tomato paste and pepper flakes and cook until vegetables are softened and lightly browned, 8-10 minutes.
  2.  Stir in Jam, juice concentrate, soy sauce, 1/4 cup vinegar, and sugar and simmer until thickened slightly about 5 minutes.
  3. Season ribs with salt and pepper. Arrange upright in slow cooker with meaty sides facing outward. Pour sauce over ribs, cover and cook until ribs are tender, 6-8 hours low.
  4. Adjust oven rack 10 inches from broiler element and heat broiler. Spray wire rack with vegetable oil spray and set in aluminum foil-lined rimmed baking sheet. Carefully transfer ribs, meaty side down, to prepared sheet and tent with foil. Let braising liquid settle for 5 minutes, then remove fat from surface using large spoon.
  5. Strain braising liquid into medium saucepan. Whisk cornstarch and water together in small bowl then whisk into liquid. Bring to simmer, whisking constantly and simmer until thickened and reduce to 2 cups, 5-20 minutes. Stir in cilantro and remaining 1 tablespoon vinegar and season with salt and pepper to taste.
  6.  Brush ribs with some sauce and broil until beginning to brown, 2 to 4 minutes. Flip ribs over, brush with more sauce and continue to broil until ribs are well browned and sticky, 9-12 minutes longer, brushing with additional sauce every few minutes.
  7. Transfer ribs to cutting board, tent loosely with foil and let rest for 10 minutes. Serve with remaining sauce.

Creamy 'Slaw 

  • 1 head green cabbage, finely shredded
  • 2 large carrots, finely shredded
  • 3/4 cup best-quality mayonnaise
  • 2 tablespoons sour cream
  •  2 tablespoons grated Spanish onion
  • 2 tablespoons sugar, or to taste
  •  2 tablespoons white vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon dry mustard
  • 2 teaspoons celery salt (I tend to use 1/2 tsp celery seed and 1 tsp salt instead)
  •  Salt and freshly ground pepper

Combine the shredded cabbage and carrots in a large bowl. Whisk together the mayonnaise, sour cream, onion, sugar, vinegar, mustard, celery salt, salt, and pepper in a medium bowl, and then add to the cabbage mixture. Mix well to combine and taste for seasoning; add more salt, pepper, or sugar if desired.

Now Mr. Wild Dingo is off for a two week trip to Asia. I don't like him leaving but I'll be really happy just to drink bone broth and poached egg for dinner most nights! Internet, you know I must be sick when my passion for cooking has dropped to that low! A two week travel for Mr. Wild Dingo means there will be little to no second dinner for the dogs. The dogs will sure miss Mr. Wild Dingo!

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3 comments on “Flower and Foodie”

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Somehow I just knew that somewhere during that vacation week, there was a wonderful meal! Thanks for sharing. I can't believe you did all that prep work with a bad headache. You are, indeed, a trooper!

  2. Thanks for the recipe, but better still - what time is dinner? That dish looks positively delicious. Thanks for sharing. And feel better.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning and Mom

  3. I can't even imagine what it must be like to have your husband gone, especially being sick. I don't even like my hubby to be away one night.. I guess I'm kind of clingy. Those ribs look amazing! I might have to try it, but I never really have a passion for cooking even when I feel great lol, so we'll see.

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