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Chilean Sea Bass

Chilean Sea Bass! Where have you been all my life? Here's my first attempt at Chilean sea bass, otherwise known as Toothfish, pan charred with a hunk of lemon and a side of greens., topped with a simple white wine, lemon, butter sauce. I served to Mr. Wild Dingo before sharing the price. ¬†Because this […]

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Paleo! WTF? Halibut with Pancetta, Basil & Mushroom Butter Sauce

If someone told me I'd eventually go Paleo, I would have died laughing. Being gluten-free was hard enough! But after a month of having a Paleo diet, the pain levels in my body keep dropping week to week. Treating Lyme disease is not just killing pathogens. Lymies have to use every tool in the tool […]

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Halibut with Cherry Tomato Basil Sauce

Halibut with Cherry Tomato and Basil Sauce - 350/365 I know this is a repeat, but it's been a difficult week between massive amounts of work going on for the landscaping project, and just about everything failing all at once, it's been hell. I have a running list of the shit hitting the fan this […]

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Coq Au Vin

Coq au Vin 343/365 "People eat because they're hungry. I want to make food that makes people stop eating." -- Bradley Cooper in Burnt. ¬† Have you seen the movie? I really liked it because the viewer had to read between the spoken lines. And the dishes served? Nothing short of a work of art. […]

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One Pot Pork Chops with Warm Escarole Salad

One Pot Pork Chops with Warm Escarole Salad - 336/365 It sure is nice to have my appetite back! For the past few years, when I had energy, I'd cook but I wouldn't always eat what I cooked because of the constant nausea brought on by the incessant antibiotics. Thanks to daily intake of bone […]

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Classic Tuscan Vegetable Soup

Classic Tuscan Vegetable Soup 329/365 It's soup weather in Santa Cruz Mountains: wet, foggy and cold. I bought a fantastic new Italian cook book, Every Night Italian, by Giuliano Hazan, the son of my favorite Italian cookbook author, Marcella Hazan. This is a fantastic hearty soup that could be made vegetarian by using vegetable broth, […]

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BLT Canapes : Happy New Year

BLT Canapes for Appetizer Night - 313/365 "What do you want for New Year's Eve dinner," I asked Mr. Wild Dingo. "BLT's," he replied. So I made these bad boys: BLT Canapes with basil and garlic mayonnaise. They are a bit tedious to make but super simple and oh so delicious! We tend to do […]

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Chicken Marsala

Chicken Marsala with reduced Marsala wine, infused with porcini mushrooms. - 301/365 I've made a lot of different versions of Chicken Marsala. Most recipes call for only one pan and are relatively fast and easy to make. This recipe calls for a lot of pots/pans but it's the worth effort. Building flavors independently always trumps […]

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Italian Meatball Soup

Italian Meatball Soup with Escarole and Bone Broth - ¬†294/365 Winter is my favorite food season. It's been raining hard here this weekend and you just can't go wrong with this soul-warming comfort food soup. It can be done on the stovetop or in the slow cooker. Save a few meatballs for your pups, Internet! […]

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  Craving. 287/365 I had a serious taco craving, Internet. And being gluten-free didn't slow me down. Tacos in Butter Bib lettuce is just as delicious as the corn stuff. Plus you can eat a lot more! And who doesn't love a lot more tacos? Mr. Wild Dingo gave this two thumbs up. He loves […]

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