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Hummingbirds are So Bossy

Hummingbirds are So Bossy

September 22, 2015
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Hummingbirds can be so bossy! 212/365

In the Spring after we came back from living in Europe, I was sitting at my desk window when a hummingbird came up to the window and seemed to yell at me. Flittering aggressively back and forth, to and from the window. In my Lyme-brain haze, I didn't realize there was an empty hummingbird feeder hanging that we must have left for the years we were away.

The hummer's all, "WTF? You stupid human! Get some damn food in that thing! I'm starving!"

Damn! Hummers can be so bossy! So I got right on it and added a second feeder as well. Now we get regular hummingbird traffic and sometimes all out wars between among the hummers. They still come to my window and look at me and it reminds me to check the feeder. It's fascinating how wildlife has learned to live and communicate with humans. Hopefully by next spring we'll have most our planting done and they will have more variety than nectar from the feeder!

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