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Lyme Brain Strikes Again

Lyme Brain Strikes Again

September 28, 2015
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Foxtails in Black and White #2 of three - 218/365

Lyme Brain struck again! This time live on the Internet. Yesterday's photo was an accidental repeat. I meant to post a more recent photo of Mr. Wild Dingo and the dogs from our Sunday walk, but my Lyme brain chose the wrong photo.  Not that anyone following my photos really cares, but it matters to me since it's a 365 project and the photos should be unique. Rather than change it, or post anther, I decided to leave it. It's a reminder of living the reality of neurological Lyme disease as I journey through my year in photos while trying not to lose my mind.

The above photo is #2 in a series of three black and white fox tails.

Dear Rottrover and all 8 of my faithful readers: Because you asked, I'll post a recipe next Sunday for you. I have a good one in mind! 

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