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Family Day

Family Day

September 27, 2015
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Family Day Hike with Mr. Wild Dingo, the cracker & the criminal! 217/365

Family Day, a Sunday tradition we started while living in Switzerland. On Sundays in Switzerland, everything is shut down and you aren't allowed to make noise or run power tools. You can't shop; even the grocery stores are closed. This forces you to do either be active outdoors or spend time with your friends and family. It was a really hard cultural change, especially coming from Silicon Valley, but one we grew to love and adopt. I won't shop on Sundays, despite the open markets and Mr. Wild Dingo does his best not to run power tools. We make quiet time for the dogs and us to be together as a family that's not just in front of the TV. Usually that means a nice long walk and a big Sunday home-cooked meal.

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4 comments on “Family Day”

  1. This sounds like what Sunday's used to be like in Maine.. Plus Sunday afternoons were when relatives often came to visit.

    Great that you have such beautiful and (apparently) peaceful neighborhood walking opportunities.

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