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November 2, 2015
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Paralyzed -  253/365

I walk by these dead Elms a few times per week. Though they're dead, the owner has yet to remove them as I've heard he's intended. The elms stand there, not living, but merely taking up space. Paralyzed.

For the last year or so, I've thought about at least 5 or 6 new career paths I could take and would enjoy doing. We've even been toying with business opportunities for the little bit of property we have on a very popular road. But Lyme has me paralyzed. It's impossible to know when my body will go bonkers. I can't choose a job that requires real accountablity because when Lyme flares there's nothing I can do. Most days, I'm unable focus on anything more than 5 minutes. It's annoying as hell leaving little projects unfinished around the house because my brain just decided to stop and do something else. It's as if I've suddenly come down with a bad case of ADD. It is absolutely so surreal how this disease can take over your physical, mental, emotional and cognitive self, all at once while your rational mind watches.

That's all.

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2 comments on “Paralyzed”

  1. Always remember that things will get better and you will be able to pursue those business ventures someday. Just not right now. It's hard to have patience when this has been such a long battle, but I do believe you'll get better. Don't give up! You have a lot of people rooting for you.

    P.S. I know those trees are dead, but that is an amazing, haunting photo. I love it.

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