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Slow Progress

Slow Progress

November 23, 2015
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First Slug of the season 273/365

This month has been all about slow progress. Some of the symptoms that returned, the lower body pain and feet pain, have slowly decreased. They're not gone but they're not as bad as they were. That's just how it rolls in treating Lyme disease. Sometimes you make huge gains and progress and sometimes you hit a long plateau. 


Creeping Bellflower 272/365

I've been at a plateau for a while now. I understand why some patients stop treating before full recovery. Because it drags on and on. But every now and then I meet a patient in the IV lounge who is fully recovered and completely off all meds, and just getting a check up or a Vitamin C boost. And she tells me how long she treated her illness (often more than 3 years) and the ups and downs. I'm over 2.5 years into this so it gives me something tangible to hold on to. Because treating Lyme is full of unknowns.  And though I've hit some big lows recently, I'm still far from throwing in the towel just yet.

On the upside, the IV glutathione really helps me be half human. Which is a nice change for poor Mr. Wild Dingo.

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3 comments on “Slow Progress”

  1. Your resilience is amazing. Keep haingin in there - with all your efforts and determination and endurance, you have to WIN!!!

  2. Julie, you're so damned brave - even by rottweiler standards. Our paws are crossed for you every day, at least briefly as it's hard to go outside that way...

    -Ruby and Otto

  3. Yay for a light at the end of the tunnel. It's so great to know how close you might be. Here's hoping you recover even quicker. 🙂 Hang in there! Also props to Mr. WD... it's tough living with chronically ill (physically or mentally in the case of my anxiety... I know it's nothing compared to what you are going through, but it still puts my hubby through a lot) people and he deserves a huge pat on the back for taking good care of you. 🙂

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