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November 24, 2015
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Steve  - 274/365

This is Steve. I found him when I was raking leaves on NitWit trail. I accidentally destroyed his home. But Steve is a forgiving kind of fellow and allowed me to take his portrait despite the atrocity he's endured. 


Zen Master - 275/365

Here's another portrait of Steve. I offered to set up a GoFund Me page for rebuilding his home which I accidentally destroyed. Or possibly plastering his adorable image all over the Internet in hopes he can land a commercial gig like that Geico dude. But Steve? He thanked me and said that the destruction of his home was the universe's way of telling him he should travel more and that is what he will do. Steve is such a badass Zen master.
Bon Voyage Steve!

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7 comments on “Steve”

  1. Love him. What is he??

    Yesterday I commented that I thought you are 'brave,' which I do. Today I was told by someone who'd gone through a bunch of stuff that she HATED it when people told her she was 'brave.' Mainly because it made her think about stuff. I hope I didn't offend you. OK. I'm going to go chew a Dansko. It relieves stress...

  2. hello steve its dennis the vizsla dog hay if yoo need a playse to stay yoo kan hav my sister sayas krate!!! i wil find her sumware else to stay or maybe she wood like to travel with yoo and then she wood stop biting my feet and see?? evrybuddy wins!!! ok bye

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