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'Shroom Season

'Shroom Season

January 5, 2016
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One Down - 316/365

It's mushroom season here in Santa Cruz Mountains. The forest provides a variety of mushroom species and I don't know much about any of them. 


Sole - 317/365

I found this set on an old stump on the pasture at the top of NitWit trail.


Third Wheel - 319/365

You'll see plenty of mushroom posts in the next month.

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One comment on “'Shroom Season”

  1. I took some pictures or the weirdest mushrooms or fungus or something a long time ago and forgot to post them.. oops. Now it would take me forever to find them, but if I do I'll post them. I'm really curious what they are because I've lived here practically my whole life and had never seen them before.

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