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Latest 'Shrooms

Latest 'Shrooms

February 4, 2016
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These mushrooms don't last long in  our forest. They're quite delicate and vanish after a big storm. They grow in mulch so their root systems aren't so stable. 


Three - 346/365

I like three. There's something about three that's magical in art. Sometimes I use three as a theme in my yoga practice because it's so attainable. I'll hold poses for three breaths or repeat a sequence three times. Anybody can hold a pose for just three breaths or repeat something just three times. It's a high enough number to get you to absorb the quality of the pose or sequence and low enough not to make your mind wander. I like three so much I even like saying "three." It's a good thing I don't have children because I might name a kid Three. Ya gotta admit, it's better a better name than Blanket or North West. I digress. Three rocks. But no, there will not be a third dog for the same reason I don't have kids. I like three. But I'm not crazy. Well, mostly.



These 'shrooms are a bit more hardy because they grow out of dead logs or trees. My macro is still not having any luck finding fairies which are known to live under mushrooms. I'll keep trying.

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  1. Ugh! I saw in a magazine at work that there was someone named Blanket. I don't even know if it was a boy or girl or who the parents were, but I just rolled my eyes and walked away because that is so stupid! What is it with celebrities picking stupid names like that?? I'll admit some of my animals have and have had weird names, but they aren't humans... I like human names for humans and other fun names for animals. I guess it's one of my pet peeves hehe. It's just funny I'm reading this post today since I just saw that name for the first time at work today.

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