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Hover Fly

Hover Fly

July 12, 2016
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I was just minding my business doing my gardening chores when this hover fly came by. I didn't have the camera so I meandered into the house with the thought it would be gone when I got back but it wasn't.  It was meant to be.

Known to "hover" near flowers, hover flies are important pollinators and some even feed on aphids! Therefor, they are appealing to have in the garden. Some gardeners even plant companion plants such as chamomile and parsley to attract them.  They vary in size but this little gal or guy was no bigger than 5 mm long or 1 mm wide.To the eye, all I can see is a gray stripped body. The camera picks up so much more!  Nature never ceases to blow my mind with such detail at a macro level.

Note to self: always bring macro lens and camera when gardening!


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3 comments on “Hover Fly”

  1. Wow - you are a true artist when it comes to macros. I was wondering you'd be willing to share your camera settings for your macros. I'd love to be able to learn from your success!

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