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Sombre Sunset of Fire

Sombre Sunset of Fire

July 31, 2016
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The fire in Big Sur causes an eerie sunset on Summit. This is the view from our terrace earlier this week. All this week, smoke is blowing all over the Santa Cruz Mountains reminding us of the loss that hits our neighbors. The smoke in the air directly impacts both my and Mr. Wild Dingo's health, as we find ourselves moving very slow and feeling more fatigue than usual. But nothing compares to the 40,000 acres, 70 structures and the death of one fire fighter. I have no more words for this. Just sadness.


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One comment on “Sombre Sunset of Fire”

  1. Me too. We recently experienced the Sand Fire. One day that was grey/orange with smokey light I read a comment from an emergency physician who said that the smokey sky triggers both anxiety and depression. As soon as the wind changed I felt better. Very primal...

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