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Red Eye Eddie

Red Eye Eddie

August 1, 2016
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This is Eddie otherwise known as Red-Eye Eddie. The other night, I was searching for bush crickets in our trees with a flashlight (no camera) just so I could watch them sing with their wings, when Eddie hopped up on a table on our terrace. I don't know what kind of Katydid he is, though he seems like he could be a young red-eyed katydid, or the kind that can take out a gecko. (Do NOT Google Katydid Eating a Lizard.--Oh lookie, I did it for you!-- Eddie's cousin comes up and it isn't pretty.) Anyhoo, Eddie heard I was an arthropod photographer and asked me to shoot his portrait. I obliged. Unfortunately, I caught him while he was flossing the last of an aphid out of his teeth. Or maybe he was going for that "fist under the chin" yearbook pose. Either way, this is Eddie.

Sadly, the next day, we found Eddie face up inside our living room. We hoped he was mostly dead, but it turned out he was all dead. Maybe the fame of being photographed and adored went to his head. Or maybe that aphid wasn't such a smart meal choice. We thought about going through his pockets for loose change, instead we mourned Eddie and gave him a proper burial outside in the garden.

"RIP Eddie. Your eyes were so red. Fame went to your head. And now you're all dead. No more to be said."

In his memory, I continue to stalk katydids much smaller than Eddie in our trees with their wings singing in full volume. It’s such a trip. Small things amuse me. Like, literally.


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One comment on “Red Eye Eddie”

  1. When I came in my office to read blogs this evening there was a REAL tarranchula on my desk. I thought he was dead. It turns out that he was only almost dead and is now outside where he belongs. Bye boys! Have fun storming the castle!!

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