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Mad Garden Skillz

Mad Garden Skillz

October 6, 2016
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I may be world's worst vegetable gardener but Bonnie, the hoverfly doesn't care. She enjoys the fruit of my bolted lettuce labor just days before I pulled that inedible useless ball of green and tossed it in the compost pile. Who knew lettuce could flower? Stuff you learn when you kill a plant. At least someone ate it!


Meanwhile, it's a Tomato Palooza! This is my third harvest. Note to self: only one cherry tomato plant next year. We'll be eating tomatoes for a week. At least I didn't kill this one. My favorite way to eat it, is make a marinara dressing with it: lemon juice, olive oil, excellent chunky gray salt, fresh basil from the garden (which I also didn't kill) and these bad boys halved or quartered. You can put it over cooked halibut, chicken or just toss it over a regular salad. Sooooooo yummy!


The nice thing about living in a Victorian, you don't have to clean spider webs. Especially around Halloween. They're part of the ambiance. Cleaning is like, my favorite. Not.


Just one more of Bonnie, because, ADORBS! AM I right? "Nom, Nom, this bolted lettuce is delicious! Do it again, Mrs. Brown Thumb!"

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