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A Little Cracker on the Side of Your PT

A Little Cracker on the Side of Your PT

October 7, 2016
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The Physical Torturer, err, Therapy Ladies at Sage Centers decided they'd really like a little Loki lovin' so they invited him to Juno's PT session.


"Mom, Juicy is not taking her exercises seriously enough. I think she needs to pump up the pace!"

Seven years ago, I tried to take Loki to one of Juno's PT water treadmill appointments. That kind of action completely broke his mentals. He couldn't shut his yapper to save his life, so I had to put him in the car for Juno's session. Now, you can see he is keeping it together. I bet if I looked inside his brain, I'd find his mentals held together by scotch tape. He's definitely calmed in his maturity and is more confident and less fearful. Still, he never took his eyes off Juno or the PT ladies once. Ever the risk management assessor, he's constantly processing whether things are good or bad, safe or dangerous. There's black and white; no gray areas with Loki. I have nothing but total admiration for his thinking.


Meanwhile Juno really enjoyed having him there. She was much more cooperative during laser therapy and didn't try to escape once. She's quite attached to her man and really loves having him with her at PT.


"Hey Miss Katrina, it's nice of you to share my energy bars with the cracker but I'm doing all the work!"
"Nonsense Principessa. Moral support takes tons of mental work. I need to recharge my mentals!"

Truthfully, he loved every minute of his time at PT with Juno this time. He was bit worried at first but he just settled in and figured out it was all for Juicy's jodhpurs. He was good with that. And he let the PT Ladies schmooze over him and feed him fhuds whenever he gave them the sad eyes.

Seriously. I'm really proud of my boy. Deep down he's still a cracker but he's also a softy with a big heart and such a joy to have in our lives. I seriously love his mentals. And so does Juicy. She really takes advantage of his mentals for her own entertainment. It's kind of hilarious to watch.


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3 comments on “A Little Cracker on the Side of Your PT”

  1. hello wild dingo its dennis the vizsla dog hay aaaiiiieeee its the glass walld boks of watery doom!!! run away loki run away!!! oh wayt they stil hav juno prizzoner aaaiiiieeee wot to do wot to do??? ummmmmm wel if their ar treets maybe yoo kan stik arownd and git a fyoo until the glass walld boks of watery doom opens and then after that run awayyyyyy!!!! ok bye

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