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October 28, 2018
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Happy Anniversary to my husband and best friend. Seventeen years together. Ten of those years chronically sick. Five of them an expensive roller coaster ride. Thank dog we were both emotionally and financially fit before it all began. Even in my recovery, he continues to help me learn how to be a normal person again. I won't lie. We had a fantastic celebration. There was jewelry, lobster, gluten-free french fires and a gluten-free chocolate melt down lava cake. I think I did all right in choosing a life partner.

(It's an iphone shot. Selfies are not my specialty.  Realism transcends craft and becomes art. )

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4 comments on “Seventeen”

  1. Congratulations!

    This photo is much cheerier than most of your posts over the past couple of years..

    I suspect your dogs were also a great help in working through your lyme+ illness. I hope they participated in te celebration!

  2. hello wild dingo its dennis the vizsla dog hay happy big wun seven annieversary to yoo and mister dingo!!! menny happy reeterns!!! and now my dada is singing sumthing abowt a wild wingd dove and the edje of seventeen hay dada it is seventeen on the edje of seventeen try to keep up okay??? ok bye

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