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Wild Distractions

How was your morning? Mine? I spent 87 minutes watching ants work.  What can I say? Nature captivates me so much so that it inspired me to invest in a macro lens and focus on small bits of nature. Photographing bees, butterflies and insects as if I were a street photographer, I captured little moments of joy, effort and wonder.  I turned that small world into my first book which helped me realized one of life's great lessons: nothing is too small to have an enormous impact on the world.

This is Not a Rhododendron

Yesterday, my pet sitter back in the U.S.  pointed out that the flowers in the last post were not peonies, but crocus. Like I said, I'm not a gardener, but she's lucky I didn't call them Rhododendrons. For years now, my brother TravelMarx, who has a botany passion, has tried to educate me on plants and flowers. But to no […]

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Harvest Woo-lighting

When I met Mr. Wild Dingo, his home was filled with tons of sun themes. I like the sun. I like sunny days. But if given the choice of my favorite celestial object, sun, moon or stars, I'll pick the moon every time. And autumn harvest moons are my favorites. I don't know why I'm […]

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Orange Crush

The demise of a bee caught on the seating in the Orange Roman Amphitheater, Provence, France. 

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I have itchy, watery eyes.

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