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Wild Distractions

How was your morning? Mine? I spent 87 minutes watching ants work.  What can I say? Nature captivates me so much so that it inspired me to invest in a macro lens and focus on small bits of nature. Photographing bees, butterflies and insects as if I were a street photographer, I captured little moments of joy, effort and wonder.  I turned that small world into my first book which helped me realized one of life's great lessons: nothing is too small to have an enormous impact on the world.

Excuse Me While I Kiss the Sky

Purple haze all in my brain. Lately things don't seem the same.   I've got Jimi on my brain for September's masthead. In addition to having difficulty writing simple blog posts, it seems my amateur capacity for moderately decent photography has gone to crap. Sifting through all my photos taken in the past months was […]

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Independence for All

When I came home last night, Mr. Wild Dingo told me the dogs found a King Snake under an old oak stump near our weed field sitting area. So I asked him, "Does he live there or was he passing through?" Mr. Wild Dingo's all, "you know, I didn't ask him." Yes, Internet, these are […]

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We interrupt our canine shenanigans to bring you Critter Watch---an educational short---because I like critters. I see a lot of these little fellas hanging out in the dog garden and I wondered why they hung out there. So I did a little googling. Turns out, they like to feed on leaves, mushrooms and animal droppings […]

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You Can Never Hold Back Spring

Every now and then, Mr. Wild Dingo and I will put on an old play list and this song by Tom Waits will play.  Every time without fail, one of us will always say, "Maggie's song."  It was very clear how seasons affected Maggie, especially later in life. In January, her mood and energy would […]

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The Clearest Way Into the Universe

We've been spending our holiday vacation balancing time between the forest wilderness and the wilderness of unpacked moving boxes and heaps of stuff that needs to be recycled, donated or thrown out. Slowly we're making our way into an organized home. The old me wouldn't do anything else until the house was unpacked and settled […]

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"I'm just some lunatic macaroni mushroom, is that it?"    

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Sick Sense

One of the things I miss most about living in Switzerland is the ability to walk anywhere legally. For the first year there, I constantly felt like I was trespassing as hiking trails led us through quiet vineyards, cow pastures, farms and sometimes even close enough to people's homes you can see what they're having […]

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Nobody's Perfect

This is as close to truffle hunting as I'm going to get for a long time. We found this gorgeous 'shroom in our dog garden. From the top it looked hideous so I picked it. I flipped it over and immediately felt sad for picking it. 

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We're So Over that Rainbow

"Something tells me we're not in Switzerland anymore, Princess." "Really? What clued you in Sherlock?" WARNING: Educational post to follow. Read at your own risk. Now that we're so over that rainbow and back to reality,  I want to share what we've learned from our experiences in preparing for a long overseas flight with dogs.

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Bee Happy

For someone who has a mild allergy to bees (bad enough to land me in the hospital but mild enough not to need an EpiPen just yet), I sure love to get up close and personal with them.  Bugs fascinate me. I could watch ants work for hours. And bees. Oh bees!

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