April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month

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In 1866, Henry Bergh, New York aristocrat, witnessed a cart horse being abused by its owner. At a town hall meeting in New York, Berh pleaded on behalf of “these mute servants of mankind” and impressed attendees with a story of a family delightfully watching a bullfight which ended in a brutal stabbing of the helpless animal. He went on to include horrific stories of cockfighting and slaughterhouses. The success of his speech and the number of dignitaries that signed his “Declaration of the Rights of Animals” chartered a society to protect animals. His charismatic personality convinced politicians of his purpose and thus the ASPCA, The American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®, was incorporated April 10, 1866. Continue reading “April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month”

Precious Dogs

young-lokiA few people have asked me why I have a dog like Loki (that’s him to the right as an older puppy rescued last year before coming to his final home here). Meaning: why I chose a behaviorally-challenged dog (to put it politely). People who meet him sometimes misunderstand him. He’s a talker and has a lot of anxiety, most of which is beginning to subside. But it takes a lot of work. His story before coming to foster care and eventually to me wasn’t good. In fact, it was downright awful.

Then I find out about stories like Precious, a GSD who was horrifically abused. I won’t reiterate it on this blog, as you can read about it in the link. (Warning: the story may cause a salt water flood to pour out of your eyes.) Suffice it to say, Precious’ story is a lot worse than Loki’s story.

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