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The Last Word

Last Saturday, I walked a country road with my dogs. The traffic was a bit heavy for the area as people were driving to a winery for tasting. A car came at me at a high speed, so I motioned it to slow down as cars were coming in the other direction on a tight […]

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We mailed in our votes yesterday. I found this chilling, foreshadowing quote from Former Supreme Court Justice David Souter (a non conservative judge appointed by Republican President George H. Bush) on civic ignorance in 2012:

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WTF? Wednesday

As in "WTF was that yesterday?" Constant downpour, 40 mph winds, no dog walk, no playing in the yard, and a big boom that woke us up. "WTF is going on here?" Buddy, I feel for you. Really.

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Our Year in Purgatory

  Our old house closed escrow today. It seems sort of a un-exciting end to an 11-month tornado of heartache, stress, frustration, anger and fear. If you don’t want to read a mudslinging aching outpour of self-pity, you can skip this post. But if you want to know why Wild Dingo had been recluse in […]

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Neither Snow, Nor Rain Stays These Couriers…Unless They Have to Turn Left.

I can’t get my mail because my postman isn’t an ambi-turner. No, really. It’s true. He can’t turn left. At least not at my mailbox. We moved into our new home in August. After two weeks of receiving our mail, our postman left a note in our mail box to call the post office. After […]

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